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High Tensile Wire Fences

High tensile fence, made of high tensile wire, is a type of field fence used to enclose animals to protect them from predators. These fences are manufactured in a range of woven knots, zinc coatings, wire gauges and sizes; meanwhile, all the products are strong and well-constructed.

Electric Fences

Lowers costs for permanent horse fence – Three to five strands of electric high tensile smooth wire are used for lowest cost and four or more strands of Supercote plastic coated wire are used for safe horse fence with or without electric.

Woven Wire Fences

Strong and relatively easy to install, woven wire fences are, in our opinion, ideal for most types of livestock. A thirty-six inch woven wire fence can easily be extended to five feet by adding two or three strands of high tensile wire. Common predators can not go through it.

Barbed Wire Fences

Barbed wire used for farm fencing is ideal in keeping animals and wild life from roaming around outside the borders of the farm. – It also prevents animals from entering corn fields, newly planted fields and areas of the farm where they might cause serious damage.

Board Fences

Esthetically pleasing, board fences have been traditionally made of split rails or white washed planks. More recently, vinyl replicas of these traditional fences have emerged. Board fencing is not ideal for containing livestock however this is one of the aesthetically pleasing fences.

Horsecote Fences

Horsecote is quickly becoming the coated wire of choice by both horse owners and fencing contractors. The benefits of working with Horsecote include: Ease of use, less maintenance, cost-effective, easy installation, versatile – can be used with large animal enclosures.

Cornerstone Fencing

Cornerstone Fencing Truck and trailer Marengo ohio
Cornerstone Fencing Truck and trailer Marengo ohio

About us

Cornerstone Fencing is an Amish family owned business providing quality farm fences throughout Morrow County and Marengo, Ohio and founded by Glenn Mast in the early 2000’s. Working outdoors has always been a passion of mine and I was brought up doing all types of construction from fencing to building houses. I have been raised to focus on the details and making sure that I do the job right, whether it is for myself or for someone else. I have take that upbringing and past it on to my three boys who have also decided to work with me in the farm and field fence business. Together, we are a team and have dedicated ourselves to working on farm fences throughout the state of Ohio. We have built our reputation of quality fences throughout Marengo and Morrow County and have extended our farm fence services throughout most of central and northeast Ohio. We thank you for checking out our page and would be grateful for the opportunity to provide you with a free quote for your farm fence.

We understand farm fencing controls the entire operation of one’s livestock undertaking. It is important to understand the uses of different types of fencing and the overall role that field fences play on one’s farm. A well designed fence layout will facilitate an efficient farm operation, and will prevent many major headaches down the road.

We work on all types of farm fences including: High tensile fences, electric fences, board fences, barbed fences, horsecote fences and woven wire fences.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free farm fence design and quote for all your farm fence needs: 740.501.9951

Cornerstone Fencing services: Knox county and all of Mt. Vernon, Licking county including Newark, Pataskala and Johnstown, Muskingum county and all of Zainesville, Coshocton county, Morrow county including all of Mount Gilead, Delaware county, and Tuscarawas county including all of New Philadelphia.

The products we use

stay tuff fence manufacturer Marengo ohio

Stay-Tuff Superior Fence Products

It really is time for a new idea in fencing. More strength. Much longer life. Much less costly to install. A better idea. We call that “the Stay-Tuff Advantage.” It’s all because the unique Stay-Tuff manufacturing method offers several advantages over conventional hinge-joint products. It’s just better for the modern rancher and farmer.

To begin with, the product is manufactured from 12 1/2 gauge, Hi-Tensile, class 3 galvanized wire, offering three times the life and nearly four times the strength over most conventional low tensile wire. Hi-Tensile wire won’t stretch. It has less than 1% elongation, compared to 11% elongation for low tensile wire. When you combine this with a very deep crimp, the producer can put up the fence, tighten it, and the fence will remain tight. When stock pressure, snow load, and the occasional tree falls on the fence, it will give with the load, it will not stretch, and it will spring back to its original shape.

Stay-Tuff fence is manufactured using a solid vertical stay rather than the conventional hinge-joint between vertical and horizontal wires. This provides superior vertical strength, allowing the fence to literally stand by itself, and providing much greater resistance to stock pressure preventing penetration of the fence. And last, but certainly not least, Stay-Tuff is manufactured domestically in Texas.

Knot the difference!

Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot Fencing Marengo ohio
Better Fence

Stay-Tuff adds a third knot-wire that is twisted around the vertical and horizontal wires under pressure-locking them tight. This knot provides far greater vertical and horizontal holding strength. Even under heavy pressure, the fence cannot be torn apart unless the wire breaks

Solid Vertical Stay

The solid vertical stay in fixed-knot fence gives the fence vertical strength. The fence actually stands up by itself. Fixed knot fencing needs fewer posts between the braces and that saves on overall costs.

Deeper Crimp

The fence can give and then spring back undamaged from the impact. The deeper crimp also means that the fencing will adjust more easily to uneven terrain.

High Tensile Wire

High Tensile wire is up to 3 times stronger than commonly used 12.5 gauge low-tensile fencing. This wire will elongate less than 1% meaning the fence will stay tight.

Heavier Galvanization

The fence is manufactured with Class 3 galvanization, which is almost triple the zinc rust protection on most conventional farm fencing.


Use the diagram below to calculate the number of rods required to enclose fields of different sizes. These are suggested guidelines using the square area to be fenced.

fence acreage guide knox county ohio


fence acreage measurements Marengo ohio
fence acreage guide smaller

Acreage Chart

These are suggested guidelines assuming the square area to be fenced. The amount of fence required will increase as the area gets narrower and longer.

acreage chart

Acreage Chart

fence measurements
acreage chart