Barbed Wire Fences

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Cornerstone Fencing provides quality Amish built barbed wire fences in Knox county, Ohio, and surrounding areas. If you own a farm or commercial building, you want to keep it safe to the best of your abilities—it’s a no-brainer, especially if your livelihood depends on that property. Security should be at the top of your list, and nothing provides an air of security quite like a fence around your property. It’s a simple, yet effective solution to keeping unwanted trespassers out.

When it comes to choosing from available fencing material for security around your commercial farm property, going with barbed fence can be a good option for some people, but not for others. Take a look at the pros and cons to see which side of the spectrum you’re likely to fall on.

Barbed wire fence.

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Barbed Wire Fence Benefits

In regards to the types of security fencing materials available, there are a number of good options, including steel, vinyl, wood and, of course, thick chain link topped with barbed wire.

As far as a secured perimeter goes, barbed wire fencing is the most popular choice by far. It’s visually intimidating—which is hopefully enough to deter potential intruders—but more than that, any intruder willing to scale your fence will have the unfortunate experience of coming into contact with the sharp barbs topping it. Having a scary-looking fence with the capability to defend your property might be a necessity if trespassers or vandals are a real concern.

This type of fencing is also ideal for use on large property farms with expansive land. Placing barbed wire in the right spots can keep farm animals in, while also creating a border to keep your livestock out of agricultural fields—your tasty crops need to be protected from anything that can munch on them.

Cons of a barbed wire fence

Typically horse owners might not care for the barbed wire fencing for their horse fence due to the chances of the horse becoming entangled and injured by the fencing. Here at Cornerstone Fencing, our professional wood board fence installers will finish the job on time and within budget.
Cornerstone Fencing services: Knox county and all of Mt. Vernon, Licking county including Newark, Pataskala and Johnstown, Muskingum county and all of Zainesville, Coshocton county, Morrow county including all of Mount Gilead, Delaware county, and Tuscarawas county including all of New Philadelphia.

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Cornerstone Fencing services: Knox county and all of Mt. Vernon, Licking county including Newark, Pataskala and Johnstown, Muskingum county and all of Zainesville, Coshocton county, Morrow county including all of Mt. Gilead, Delaware county, and Tuscarawas county including all of New Philadelphia.

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