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Woven Wire Fences Knox County Ohiohorse wire with horse kote

Cornerstone Fencing is an Amish fence contractor based in Knox county, Ohio. We provide hi-grade woven wire farm fences for all types of needs. Woven wire fences come in all shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the farm owner.

Woven wire’s advantage over all other fences is its security; woven wire fences are specifically designed to keep animals in or out. A tight grid of wires nailed securely on sturdy posts can keep something as small as a rabbit out and or keep an animal as big as a horse in. The only way animals can get through is if the woven wire fence is actually broken.

If security is your highest priority, then this should clearly be your fence of choice. Call Cornerstone Fencing today for a free quote on all your woven wire fencing needs. Check out our gallery for some samples of the work we have completed.


Post Size and Post Spacing

Five- to six-inch round treated posts, just like those used with the high tensile fence, is optimal when installing woven wire fencing. The primary difference is that the posts are normally spaced much closer together for maximum fence security. Post spacing varies on the size of the wire’s grid. For example, 15-foot post spacing with the 13-48-3 and the 2”x4” non-climb makes excellent choices for horse fences.

The numbers: A 13-48-3 means that the wire has 13 strands of wire running horizontally, it is 48” tall, and the upright wire or stays are spaced every three inches. The 2”x4” non-climb fence is simply a grid of boxes that are two-inches wide and four-inches tall.

Woven wire comes in many different shapes and sizes but there are only two primary categories: high tensile woven wire and non-high tensile woven wire. The difference is that high tensile woven wire has been through a specialized process that gives it two thousand percent more strength and also significantly increases its elasticity. This does not necessarily mean that regular wire is not a good choice under normal conditions where your fence wire won’t be tested to its maximum tensile strength. However, this extra strength will keep your fence stretched tight and looking young for many years.

Woven Wire Fence Useshorse wire w/barb

Woven wire fences are one of the most secure and versatile fences on the market. It is well-suited for horses as they can’t get their feet tangled in it, and it is also very visible for a wire fence. It is almost impossible for cattle to get out without first destroying the fence—not a walk in the park. Woven wire puts strain on the posts so it is important to brace the fence by placing posts in the ground eight feet apart and four feet into the ground. A horizontal pole is then run between these two posts, reinforced by a diagonal wire that holds the brace system together.

Woven Wire Goat Fences

Goat fences are not to be taken lightly since goats have been compared to creative escape artists. Goats will climb or try to run through a fence at the first possible chance. They’ll even stick their head through the fence or start chewing away, further compromising the integrity of the woven wire goat fence. The fence is the only barrier between your livestock running away or any predator getting in.

Woven wire goat fence is the fence that will get the job done repeatedly for many years to come. Good quality materials cannot be stressed enough. The return on the expenditures will come to you in no time when you’re not wasting precious time chasing escaped goats.

Alpaca Woven Wire Fences

Cornerstone Fencing is an alpaca fencing company serving the state of Ohio. We have been fence providers and fence installers since the early 2000’s. Along with alpaca fencing, we also provide and install fencing for llamas, horses, cattle, deer, bison, and many more animals. We offer a free alpaca fence consultation on the type of alpaca fence that will work with your particular situation.

Having the correct fence for the type of animal you are enclosing on your property is crucial for the animals safety and durability of the fence. We have installed alpaca fencing and other exotic animal fencing on many properties in the state of Ohio. Whatever your alpaca fencing concerns are, we can help.

When it comes to choosing the type of alpaca fencing to use, there are many variables that come into play. Typically we recommend woven wire fencing which is more than sufficient and economical. Woven wire fencing for alpacas is a great match as woven wire fences are very strong. Alpacas will sometimes rub against fencing so strength is very important. Woven wire fences are tall enough that alpacas will not be able to jump over it. Predators large and small cannot get through this fence due to the tight grid of woven wires.

Woven Wire Horse Fenceswoven wire farm fence

Cornerstone Fencing is a fencing company that has been in business since early 2000’s. We supply and install many different types of fences including woven wire horse fences. A woven wire fence is ideal for security. The tight grid of woven wires makes it impossible for small or large animals like horses to get in or out.

We are experts in determining which type of woven wire horse fencing will best suit your needs. Variations such as post spacing and the type of woven wire is taken into consideration for your specific situation. Fill out our free fence installation quote form and we will put together a plan within your budget for your new woven wire horse fence.

Woven Wire Sheep Fences

Woven wire is the chosen method for sheep fencing for all farmers and herders alike. There is no better choice than going with the woven wire. It’s the most durable and cost effective option available. If durability is a concern to you, then going with the high-tensile woven wire sheep fence is a great choice. They will not sag or stretch as easily as non-tensile woven wire fences. More resistant to rust and lighter in weight. Woven wire sheep fencing can handle everything your sheep throws at it.

After installing sheep fences across the state of Ohio, we can say with confidence that we will get the job done, within budget, and on time.

Woven Wire Fence Installation

No matter what type of farm fence you are looking for, it is alway s a good idea to get an expert opinion. Cornerstone Fencing has provided Knox county and the state of Ohio high quality farm and field woven wire fences for well over a decade. We would be more than happy to help you design and install your new woven wire farm fence.

When working with woven wire goat fence installation, our experience is unparalleled. We know how to keep your goats from getting loose and the woven wire goat fence installation is where it all begins. Since early 2000’s we have hashed out every detail when building woven wire goat fences. From the solid braces to the sturdy posts to the high-tensile woven wire, we have the knowledge that only comes from experience.

Before you set to work on your sheep fence installation, there a few things to know. First thing’s first, the post will require either strong wood, steel or fiberglass to support high-tensile woven wires. It is best to leave the installation to professionals like us who have been doing it since early 2000’s with ease and proficiency. Woven wire sheep fence installation is easy, requires low maintenance, and can be electrified for better control of sheep. Any questions you have, we will be glad to answer for you

We invite you to fill out our woven wire sheep fencing quote, it’s the first step to getting the perfect woven wire sheep fence you need.


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