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HorseCote Fencing in knox county ohio

Cornerstone Fencing is an Amish fence contractor in Knox county, Ohio. We are a family-owned business and have many years of experience in all types of farm fences throughout the state of Ohio. Coated High Tensile Fence Wire, called HorseCote, is quickly becoming the coated wire of choice by both horse owners and fencing contractors. Cornerstone Fencing has been leading the industry in new installations of HorseCote high tensile wire fencing. We utilize the best coated high tensile wiring to ensure our customers have the best and most durable fence for their money. Give Cornerstone Fencing a call today for a free no-obligation fence quote.

Horse Kote Fence

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The benefits of working with horsecote

  • Ease of Use
  • Less maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile: Can be used with large animal enclosures
  • Strength: The molecularly bonded medium density (premium grade) polyethylene plastic is reinforced by a 12.5 (2.5mm) gauge high tensile fence wire, which has an ASTM classification for physical barrier fencing, that has a minimum breaking strength of 1650 lbs. class 3.
  • It can handle animal impact and cold weather contraction/expansion without permanent elongation
  • Safer horse fence
  • The larger diameter (.300′′) is easier for animals to see, and this size helps reduce the chance of injury.

Bonding procedure

UV stabilized polyethylene polymer is specially adhered (Bonded) to the high tensile fence wire. The bond between the two products is so strong that even when tensioned, it won’t pull apart which would expose the wire. The bonding process also restricts moisture entry between wire and coating. This would cause oxidation (white rust) which would eventually become red rust.

68 lbs. (30 kg) Approx. 10-Year Limited Warranty

Colors Available:

Black, Brown & White

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Cornerstone Fencing services: Knox county and all of Mt. Vernon, Licking county including Newark, Pataskala, Johnstown, Muskingum county, all of Zanesville, Coshocton county, Morrow county including all of Mt. Gilead, Delaware county,  Tuscarawas county, including all of New Philadelphia.

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